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Sport is not just for the adult. The children also allow doing this activity. Actually, there are so many kinds of sports. But adult are different from children. So, not all the sports are going with the children. Then, what kind of sports that suit for children?

As consideration, sports for children must be safe, have to follow their age, and they can enjoy. However, sports also know level. And the level is according to their age and their ability. And if your sons and daughters want to do sport, you may take them to water sports, sport with ball, or joint with some self defense sports.

Activities in the water are attracted many people, include children. That is why some swimming pools are full with children in holiday. Beside play with water, they can learn how to swim well. Who know, some time they can be a good swimmer.

Usually, a swimming pool is divided into several depth levels for avoiding the children from the danger of drawn. So the children from any age can swim safely. But, in swimming pool area, they are not only can swim but also do any kind of sport like throw and catch a ball. Like swimming, this activity is safe and good for hand and leg muscle. Do not forget to ask the children to do warming up before start activities in swimming pool. It is important for them because the risk of awkward muscle can be eliminated.

Playing with the ball is the common activities for the children. Since they were babies, they had played with some kinds of ball such as a pillow which its shape is round. And some time their parents’ took them in playing arena, pond which is full of coloring balls.

When they are three or more, they can play with ball like a footballer or a basket player. You just buy them a playing ball which is made from rubber or something that no danger for children. Then ask them to throw or catch the ball. It is good for hand muscle. Besides that, you also can ask them to kick the ball which is good for their leg muscle. You may motivate the children by create imagination of famous athlete. These sports can make the children more active. Whether we can do that indoor, but these are better if done in outdoor. Do not forget to bring them some water for avoiding dehydration.
The others alternative are self defense sports such as karate, taekwondo, kung fu, or silat. These sports teach them how to protect their self from the attack. That is why some children interest in these sports. Is it safe enough for them? If they joint with the club, they will learn a lot of techniques which can minimize the danger. And the Guru usually reminds them to not use their skill to attack innocence people. Moreover some people believe it can avoid children from engage in a gang fight. These sports are not as popular as football or swim. That is why do not ever force them to do that. So, you just show what are the advantages and the disadvantages of these sports. If they have interest, they must be asking you to joint with the self defense sport club.

Know well the character of children is very important. Because it can become the consideration of choosing sports which are suit and safe for them. The alternative sports for them are swimming, playing with the ball, and self defense sport. Every activity can be dangerous, but we can eliminate it. So, whenever your children do some sports, you may take care of them carefully. Let your children do sport now!