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1. My Italian name is: Ortensia Conti

2. My Japanese name is: Mayako Oimikado

3. My French name is: Audrey St. Jean

4. My German name is: Corinna Jutta

5. My vampire name is: Jezebell of Afrika

6. My monster name is: Mad Lunatic (feast on: coffee, lurk around in: flocks of freshmen, especially like to torment: hippies)

7. My Mexican name is: Do√Īa Hilda

8. My uncommon name is: Georgianne Maxima Noggle

9. My rockstar name is: Candi Rotton

10. My goth name is: Diamanda Ash

11. My mafia name is: Victoria “Scarface” Gambino

12. My international spy name is: Dr. Frost (Code Name: Barefoot. Reside in: Venice. Why I am a Good Spy: I can talk my way out of anything).

13. My 80s name is: Amanda Ashley

14. My British name is: Harriet Emily

15. My witch name is Esmerelda

I think, Victoria Gambino is the best he he he ūüôā
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